Beyond Celebration: Deepening our Understanding of Diversity

To embrace and understand the rich dimensions of diversity we need to go beyond simple celebrations. Our society designates months and days throughout the year to celebrate diversity. Examples include Black History Month, Native American Month and Hispanic Heritage Month. While these celebrations, and others throughout our school systems, bring much needed attention to the diverse cultures and ethnicities throughout our nation, they continue to marginalize people of color as they are continuously represented as the “other,” rather than an integral part of society. Inequality infiltrates our institutions, economic system, and political establishments.

This session seeks to go beyond these celebrations to discuss the complexities of diversity: to present the findings of a focus group research conducted with UM minority students that illuminate the obstacles they encounter on campus and to describe the actions taken by the Department of Curriculum & Instruction to increase awareness and understanding of diversity among educators. Through exploration of white privilege and group discussion designed to build community, this session will empower participants to seek social justice for all people in our nation.

Dr. Lucila Rudge, Assistant Professor/Department of Curriculum & Instruction at UM and Jennifer Jilot, Junior High and High School Literacy Coach for Arlee Public Schools/Alumni of UM with M.Ed in Curriculum & Instruction – Literacy Education will present during DiverseU on Wednesday, November 4th from 3-4 PM in UC 330/331.


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