Goodbye Myss Lyss, Hello Alyssa

I finally did it! I changed my name. Well, I changed my performing name, to Alyssa Rae Hands, which is actually my real name. For a while, I established my music identity in Missoula as Myss Lyss. She was fun, eclectic, and often dressed up in fantastical costumes. I had a great time deciding who she was, which ultimately was giving myself permission to be who I am. However, I realized that I was putting myself into a box. It was a box that was a unique shape and I could color all over it… but it was still a box. Now I have decided to embrace who I am and my music all at once and say, “Here, World: Here I Am”.


Alyssa Rae Hands will perform in the UC Atrium on Thursday, November 5th from 12-12:30 PM.


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